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With the «Zhigulisea» it all began.

The first all-Russian competition, marathon «Zhiguli Sea» had been arranged by Togliatti kiters 11 years ago in the Samara region.
For eleven years the marathon was developing involving foreign participants and was overgrowing with additional entertainment for every year increasing number of fans and spectators.
For eleven years, «Zhiguli Sea» has evolved from a marathon to mega festival, holiday of leisure, the main winter event on which necessarily rush even those who are far from snowkiting, snowboarding and skiing.

Spectators rush to see an incredibly beautiful show - colorful sails, skillfully controlled by athletes at the scenery of the Zhiguli Mountains and snowy Zhiguli sea, and also to become a member of the grand flash mob and to launch the kite to the sky.

Some spectators, inspired by the athletes are taking up a kite and ride their first meter for the first time to become a true kiter then.
Some families prefer snow tubing or sleigh racing, or testing new «LADA» cars - for two consecutive years, the presentation of new models of VAZ cars is being held in the framework of the «Zhiguli Sea».

This year «Zhiguli Sea» merging with the World Championship WISSA 2017
is transformed into a truly major event with many tourists planning to come from different cities.

Add to this also the favorite Russian holiday – «Maslennitsa» (Shrovetide).
It will be very special this year in Togliatti:

all the usual entertainment - pancakes, farewell to the winter,competition «who will climb to the Pancake post» will remain,
but will get a special sporty-sailing-snowy-kiting coloring.
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