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07.11.2016 15:11


Today is Wednesday, and that means we have to tell you about the most interesting moments of the Zhiguli Sea festival... :)

Today is Wednesday, and that means we have to tell you about the most interesting moments of the Zhiguli Sea festival which will take place in Togliatti. The festival finishes the WISSA World Cup and falls on the last days of winter. Yes, we plan to meet spring and to see off winter within the megafestival #SNOWKITERUSSIA – 2017! We will arrange not just Maslenitsa, but SNOWKITEMASLENITSA! That will be for the first time both in the history of national traditions and in the history of Snowkite movement!


On February 26, 2017 within the ZhiguliSea festival SNOWKITEMASLENITSA will take place. It will be the biggest platform of festivities for children and their parents, for inhabitants and city visitors. Yes, we will be baking pancakes in a huge amount, organizing competitions on the biggest sun symbol and checking in an old Russian saying "Pancake is not a wedge" ("Blin ne klin" in Russian). Yes, we will have a very tall post poured by water with a valuable prize at the top and we will be checking daring valiant. Yes, we will have the biggest (and pretty - we love winter!)  effigy which we will burn at the festival end under joyful shouts "burn-burn brightly so would not go out! ("Ga reegareeyusnoshtobyneepaguslo" in Russain)"


Andwhat about kiters, you will be wondering? They will not stand aside the same SNOWKITEMASLENITSA! Therefore we will send hose fellows to the ice post in all their kite equipment. Whether they will rise by force of their muscles up or by wind wings - it's up to them :).


And at last, besides the traditional amateur races included into the program of the Zhiguli Sea festival, organizers are planning to suit the race of maskers. Yes, on skis and snowboards under kites in the suits of mice, mountain trolls, princesses, buffoons and other fantastic (and not really) characters. And the jury will estimate not only the speed and technical skill, but also originality of an image. You can start to think out something extraordinary for yourself!

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