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14.02.2017 15:55


We made a set of the brightest events of WISSA World Championship 2017 and of “Zhiguli Sea” festival for you, so you won’t miss a thing!

Keep in mind that all this will take place on the embankment of Avtozavodskiy district in Togliatti.
  1. A traveler and philanthropist from Australia Charles Verb will undertake a world record attempt to ride a specially constructed snowsailer for 24 hours across the frozen waters of the Volga River.
When: 24-25th of February (weather permitting)
  1. The world biggest mass-start. We have received about 200 applications for participation in World Championship and amateur races of “Zhiguli Sea” marathon. All this makes it possible to speak of an establishment of the world record. Last year the participants of the festival “Zhiguli Sea” succeeded in setting a record of the biggest snowkiting mass-start in Russia –176 snowkiters came to the start.
When: 25-26th of February (weather permiting), at 12.00.
  1. For the first time in the history - winter extreme marathon SNOWMAN. Three kilometers of specially prepared environment and more than 16 obstacles on the way: knee-high snowdrifts, hills of snowman, path of Major Payne, snow battle etc. with several hundred competitors. The audience will have an opportunity not only to support the competitors but also to take part in one of the marathon rounds.
When: 25th of February, at 10.30
  1. Russian national flash mob “Round dance”. More than 3 000 people will join their hands and start their round dance. No less than a hundred of them will start to make the round dance patterns in Togliatti!
When: 26th of February, at 11.00
  1. The one and only SNOWKITE-Maslenitsa festival. In the program: amusing hat battles, rope pulling and kettle ball games, capture of an ice fortress and many other Russian folk activities which will be held under the guidance of popular collector of national traditions Mikhail Skomorokh. Large fire performance and firing of a winter scarecrow will be a great completion of SNOWKITE-Maslenitsa festival.
When: 26th of February at 11.30
  1. Performance of kite-freestylers. Freestyle is one of the most spectacular parts of the WISSA World Championship 2017 sport program. The riders will be claiming their rights to become the best athletes in this sport during the whole week. You will have the opportunity to see the most incredible tricks during the exhibition performance of the “Zhiguli Sea” festival.
When: 25th of February at 17.00
DISCO ICE. The dark period of the festival will become the time of uncontainable joy with DJ Proton from Samara city and DJ Jay-D from Moscow. The darkness will be driven away by the fire performance masters from the ground and by the huge glowing air balloons from the air. And at the very end of the day you’ll have an opportunity to become a witness of fabulous firework.
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